Shelf System

Shelf System

I made this shelve system for these books. This has 4 steel brackets that are fastened to the studs. Each bracket is designed to hold two boards. I used rough cedar to give these shelves a rustic look.

I also build 3 varieties of floating shelves:

  1. First is the most cost effective method using an L shaped steel bracket of which the shorter side is mounted to the studs and hidden by the wood shelf. This method is limited to weight.
  2.  Second method is a steel bracket that you can still see the steel bracket under the shelf but the brackets themselves are fastened to the studs behind the drywall. This method allows a heavier weight capacity. This method also requires cutting out sections of the drywall. Once brackets are installed, the drywall needs to be patched around the brackets. This involves matching the drywall texture and matching the paint.
  3. Third method is where you only see the wood shelves coming out of the wall. Part of the wood goes behind the drywall and is fastened using steel brackets that are completely hidden after the drywall is patched and painted. This too can hold a heavier weight capacity. This method also involves cutting out sections of drywall and patching the drywall and matching the texture and paint.







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