Outdoor fire place converted into fire-pit feature. And outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor fire place converted into fire-pit feature. And outdoor kitchen.

We just finished this project in Moore OK. The home owner did not like their existing outdoor fire place because it blocked her back pool view. The outdoor fireplace removal was the initial reason for having me come give her a quote. We gave her ideas which included converting her outdoor fire place into a natural gas fed fire feature. My design also included a cast iron spiral staircase, pergola and outdoor kitchen. The spiral staircase was intended to make their upstairs balcony a part of their out door living area. They thought this would make more use of their balcony which they said they hardly ever used. After presenting my design, they decided to scratch the staircase and pergola and just go with the fire feature and outdoor kitchen. There is no end to the fixtures you can include in an outdoor kitchen but they kept it simple with a built in gas fed grill, outdoor fridge and a large cooking egg. Simple solution in converting a little area that otherwise would not be used for anything. They are happy with how everything tuned out from the granite on the outdoor kitchen to the flagstone caps on the fire feature. This is a the type of projects that we’re moving more toward. And not just outdoor living but also bathroom and kitchen remodeling!

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This is the outdoor fireplace that we removed. The bottom portion was converted into a gas fed fire pit.



Outdoor kitchen with granite.


Built in gas fed grill.


Outdoor gas fire fire feature with lava rock. Gets very hot when fired up! Great for winter entertaining!


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